International Visitors

Today May 2, 2015 Modern Harvest Farms hosted a group of visitors from The Republic of Kazakhstan who were interested in seeing the CropBox.  The visitors are the owners of Kingfisher Seafood Ltd (  They are interested in purchasing a large fleet of CropBoxes to compliment their current aquaculture business.  While they were at the farm the two children enjoyed touring the farm exploring the various crops, flowers, and wildlife.  In addition to the smells of the flowers and the tastes of the plants the children were especially excited to see kale growing, one of their favorite foods.

Kazakhstan crew

Farming the future

Modern Harvest Farms cultivates healthy produce that is locally distributed with tender care.  Our growing techniques are eclectic and incorporate ancient agriculture, industrial production, and urban farming.  This unique operation defines the farms of the future that we will need to feed our mounting population.

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