Modern Harvest Farms is a great place to learn about farming and conservation through hands on experience.  Call (910) 547-5554 to volunteer with us today.


“Loved my time here! Laid back but also highly educational experience for me. Tommy does a great job sharing his knowledge and welcoming visitors to get involved in any creative ways! Recommended!”


“Great experience. Gained experience in true organic farming, from the dirt up! Thomas is a great mentor, always educating you in all aspects of organic farming, from soil preparation to planting to the business aspects of running a farm. Highly recommend for all WWOOFers!”


“I have been at Modern Harvest for 3 months now and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am constantly learning and Tommy is great to work with. It’s exciting getting to help build this community, working both on the existing projects as well as starting new ones. There are always inspiring people around sharing ideas and having fun, it’s great growing experience. There’s so much to learn here, from agriculture to sustainability to new ways of thinking and living. I love being a part of this community and can’t wait to see where it goes. I highly recommend!”


“My son and I stayed at Modern Harvest farms for a couple of weeks in October. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. The work was enjoyable (mowing lawn with riding mower, building large compost piles, making garden beds, transplanting strawberries, making seed balls, etc). Tommy has a wealth of knowledge so be sure to ask him a lot of questions. If you want to learn about Hydroponics or Aquaponics just ask Tommy. I enjoyed sleeping in my tent and waking up to a rooster crowing and beautiful sunrise every morning. We also had full access to the house, including kitchen, bathroom and Wi-Fi. The farm is still young but has great potential and Tommy has the knowledge and vision to fulfill that potential. I highly recommend this farm.”


“My Dad and I stayed at Modern Harvest farms for a little over 2 weeks in October. I felt welcomed by everybody I met (Andre often asked “‘y’all need anything?” in the beginning), I enjoyed the company of the Air Bnbers and fellow WWOOFers and am grateful to have had a few jam sessions. A few of the things I took part in: raking grass clippings and leaves to build a large compost pile, make garden beds, transplanting strawberries, cleaning the hydroponic CropBox, cleaning and organizing, and helping out at the farmer’s market. Tommy has a great wealth of knowledge, my Dad and I learned about transplanting, aqua/hydroponics, composting, and many other things. I felt welcome to ask any questions I had and my own ideas and feedback felt welcome as well. I slept in the corn crib, basically a metal shack with 2 beds in it, basic but comfortable. We had full access to the house, including kitchen, bathroom (no shower, bath), Wi-Fi, a drum set, and piano. Overall a really nice stay. With Tommy’s knowledge, the 60 acres of land, and the vision of everyone on the farm, the potential is great. I’d recommend this farm.”


“I’ve been on Modern Harvest for about a week, and it is beautiful here!! Time is spent mainly with Tommy, who is extremely knowledgeable on various growing techniques, from urban to traditional, and is a pleasure to be around. Work can be rigorous, but is almost always educational and its cool looking back on the progress made during each day. Housing is awesome, most people can have a bedroom to themselves with spacious closets. Food is entirely covered and is often fresh and delicious. The business is young but well thought-out, so there’s plenty of profitable and non-profit projects to dabble in and learn about. Help is always appreciated, and they’ll take just about anyone with open arms. You really feel like a part of the farm here, they listen to ideas and give you opportunities to start your own projects if they could be beneficial. Lastly, their hydroponic crop-box is a sight to behold, and after a hot day walking into the container feels amazingly cool and refreshing. If you’ve gotten this far, definitely call Tommy to inquire more about this wonderful experience!”